Soviet Tankovy


T-34 Companies from my Soviet Tankovy force from Flames of War. 15mm scale WWII. I designed the army based on 107th Brigade and 1441st SU Brigade, 16-y Tankovy, which fought in the encirclement of the German forces in Stalingrad. The winter whitewash was applied by the crew, and washed off/rubbed off over the course of the winter.


2 Responses to “Soviet Tankovy”

  1. Do you have a step by step process for the white wash on the T34s? It looks interesting and unique.

    • Ok a quick process:

      -Paint the tank the base Soviet tank green, highlight as appropriate.
      -The white is painted in thinned patches, done in layers. The paint is thinned 70/30 so that it stays relatively opaque but flows well. I used Vallejo’s White because it works great for this.
      -Build up the white on the flat areas, but leave thin or absent on edges, corners, around hatches. If necessary, while the paint is still wet, wipe along edges and corners to represent wear.
      -After it was all dry, I went back in on the larger plates and mechanical sections with a black line. This fixed any places the white flowed into details or obscured lines. Any equipment (extra tread, fuel cans, logs etc.) were picked out with black for painting.
      -Not every tank got the same level of whitewashing, so they all come out individualized.

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