Imperial Guard

A portion of my Imperial Guard for WH40K. The Typhon IV 86th Regiment, Red Company, Platoons 3, 4, and 7. Their homeworld is a urban sprawl of hive cities, factory conglomerates and inhospitable pollution-filled deserts. Such an environment makes them superb urban fighters, and the army was started back when the first Cityfight book came out for 40K 3rd edition. I really liked playing them with the (much better) Cities of Death rules from 4th ed.

I painted them in urban style camo, with mid-gray fatigues and black armor and gear. The fatigues have a sort of dark grey tiger striping, with black chips. Many Guardsmen still wear gang or clan colors and symbols. Several carry extra knives, grenades, and illegal autoguns, modified lasguns, and the odd shotgun (though in-game it’s all just bog-standard lasguns). I went sort of nuts converting them up, adding lots of character to what are essentially cannon-fodder. But hey, at least they think their badass, right?

The majority of the Guard themselves are black, or dark-skinned. I felt the 40K universe could use more color, and the massive population of a hive world could yield a interesting mixture of ethnicities. The army features at least 12 shades of skin color/ethnicity, ranging from WASPy white, Indian, Arabic, East Asian, Latino, and many shades of African black. To the Imperium, they’re all the same.


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