A couple of my StuG G’s hang out behind a building in this week’s Flames of War game. The Russian assault guns are on the hill on the other side, so the StuG’s are hanging back…

In the other pic, the huge Soviet Razvedchiki force crests the hill. This is part of a friend’s GIGANTIC Soviet army, and he can pretty much field any type of force he wants, from pure infantry to loads of tanks. This shot is mid game, where the numbers have temporarily been pushed back by German firepower. It didn’t work in the end though…

The last pic is one of my Grenadier platoons holding an objective. They successfully held the objective against a charge from T-70 tanks, before succumbing to insane machinegun fire from all those Soviet transports followed by another tank assault. Oh well they did the best they could.

What are our Eastern Front armies doing in the Middle East, you might ask? No real reason, other than it was the simplest table to set up at the time. We could rationalize the table representing some central Asian/Uzbekistan area, blah blah blah.

I’ll be posting more of my German army asap.


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