Germans and Americans


A few pics from this week’s Flames of War Late War game. My German Grenadiers (supported by StuG’s and Panzer IV’s) face of against US Armored Corps (lots of Shermans, Priests, and M10’s) in a basic Free-for-All mission. This was a learning game for my opponent, as it was only his 3rd game (and first playing on his own; he had sat in as an ‘assistant’ for other players in their games to learn the system). I didn’t go for the throat against him, and pointed out rules problems or huge tactical errors to avoid. I won, but he did some damage to my force; he was playing tanks after all.

I’m painting his army, so it was one of those games where I painted both sides. Filled me with pride…

The terrain in hindsight was a little open, but I didn’t want to clutter the field and make it more complicated for a new player. I based it off photos I’ve seen of French farmsteads and manor estates.

My StuG’s and Panzers exchanged fire with his Shermans and 76mm’s, with my side coming out on top. I lost the StuG’s and a couple Panzers in the end, but it cost him the 76mm’s and Shermans. His artillery was murderous though, depleting my Grenadiers over the course of the game, blunting my initial attack. Only in the late phases of the game could I dare breaking cover to try to take the objective. Unfortunately we ran out of time, so it ended as a slight win for me.


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