Flames of War Tables 2


A couple tables from recent Flames of War games. The first is a great built-up farming estate, with a variety of terrain. We’re planning on using it for the tournament coming up next week. The forces playing are a couple friends’ US Rifle Company versus German Fallschirmjagers.

The other is one I set up for this week’s Mid-War game. I just sort of threw it together, but I think it looks good and realistic. My German Grenadiers had holed up in the village in the center, with the Soviet Razvedchikis (mechanized infantry) swarming all over me. I managed to hold out against withering machine gun fire, before the inevitable assault by T-70 light tanks. My carefully (ok lucky I admit it) laid units meant the T-70’s drove right through enfilading fire from dug-in PaK 38 anti-tank guns, which scuppered the assault, and allowed my troopers to counter-attack and destroy the tanks. After that we ran out of time, but my army was still in a good position (if you ignore the dozens of Soviet infantry closing in from all sides).


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