Goblin Wolf Riders


I’m slowly working on an Orc & Goblin army for Warhammer Fantasy (for myself). Their lack of power and problematic rules means I’m somewhat disinclined to be any faster…

These Goblin Wolf Riders represent part of the army’s fast attack. Scouting ahead of the army, pouncing on weak targets, and maybe going for easy charges into the enemy flanks. One unit is equipped with spear and shield, the other with shortbows. I put a lot of extra gear, loot, and trophies on them, representing their freewheeling role as scouts and looters, as well as the need to live without support of the army (and they’re also great thievin’ gits).

The army colors are black and white, with checkers, dog’s teeth, and lightning bolts featuring prominently, but being Orcs and Goblins, they tend to lack any sort of uniform. More to come.

3 Responses to “Goblin Wolf Riders”

  1. They look great (Y)

    How did you make the fur on your Wolfs?

  2. What color did you use when making the fur on your wolfs?

    • seantwiddy Says:

      I used a mix of browns. Some were Vallejo Model colors, like German Dark Brown, German Leather, etc. I also used GW’s Fortress Grey for some. I then highlighted those with a mix of the basecoat and Bleached Bone and/or White.

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