Flames of War Tourney 2

I played three games Saturday for the tournament. These pics aren’t the best, sorry.

The first, the Free-for-All mission, was against US Rifle Company against a great player. He’s so fun to play I don’t mind all that much that he outmanuevered me and kicked my Grenadiers’ asses. His recon and Armored Rifle platoon slipped around my flank and just laid down fire, keeping me from contesting the objective.

The second game was Hold the Line, with my Grenadiers holding a wide ridge against what seemed like millions of British Riflemen. They moved under fire of the Royal Horse Artillery, which kept my army’s head down until the inevitable assault. I held them off for 2 turns, but lacked the men afterward to seriously hold the line. The highlight of the game was my sniper pinning one platoon of 25 pounder guns for a couple turns, slackening the otherwise horrible bombardment.

The last game was The Cauldron, where my Grenadiers had holed up in a town in the center of the table and had to hold out against the counter-attack of a US Armored Corps. Due to the random deployment, the US tanks all ended up coming at me from the same side. An ambush from my StuG’s from point-blank range ended that fight quick. The Armored Rifles came at me from the other side, but my dug-in infantry managed to hold out against their fire and assault, buying time for my StuG’s and Pioneers to take out enough of his force to break the army. I even killed the CiC Tank with a flamethrower!


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