Some of the Grenadiers from my German army for Flames of War. They serve for both mid or late war. The minefield was fun to make, even if it’s effect in-game is hard to notice. The Pak 40’s are not for the mid-war force, but show up in the late war army.

At the tournament a while back, the Grenadierkompanie placed about middle out of 16 players, but did win Best Painted. The prize coupons went back into the army, with some support guns and Panthers on the way 😉

The mid-war force included the Grenadier HQ, 2 Grenadier platoons, a Pioneer platoon, a MG section, Mortar section, 2 Marder I tank hunters, 3 StuG III G’s, and a PaK 38 Anti-tank platoon. And a Sniper for good measure.


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