More of my Germans. This time, some of the tanks and armored vehicles.

The first pic is a variety of Panzers, with a Panzer IV F1, Panzer IV H, and Panzer III M. I went for the darker camouflage on them, but might some day go back and redo them with a brighter mustard yellow or olive camo scheme.

The second are a Marder I tank hunter and an 8-Rad armored scout car. I plan on going back to paint the scout car in a more interesting camo scheme, as the basic German grey may be accurate, but it’s sort of blah compared to the rest of the army.

The third and fourth pics are some StuG II G’s.

A platoon of Panther D’s are in-progress. I’ll soon have enough tanks to play them as a Panzerkompanie, with some infantry in support.


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