American Armored Company


Some pics from this week’s game of Flames of War. This was a late war game using the Breakthrough scenario. The US Armored company (that I’m painting for a friend) had to punch through the thin line of my German Grenadiers.

The US force was a pair of Sherman HQ tanks, a Sherman platoon, a Sherman 76 platoon, an M10 Tank Destroyer platoon, a couple Armored Recon patrols, a battery of Priests, and an Armored Rifle platoon. The Germans included Grenadier HQ w/ Anti-tank Section, 2 Grenadier platoons, a Pioneer platoon, a Panzer H platoon, a StuG III G platoon, support lelG18 guns, and a platoon of Pak40 anti-tank guns. We played 1400 points, since that’s the amount I’ve painted up so far for his army. The US force will eventually recieve an M12 Field Artillery battery to round it out to 1750.

We’ve been playing through all the scenarios to get my friend comfortable with the rules, and other players (as well as I) give tactical and rules tips over the course of the game; ie ‘don’t drive into those woods’ or ‘shoot the anti-tank guns before they can acquire you at short range’.

The first part of the game (pics 1-3) had his Shermans and Recon patrols test the German cordon around their starting positions, under cover of the Priests. They didn’t get far, getting wiped out by crossfire from StuG’s and PaK40’s, also losing both the Company commander and his 2iC. The US flank march took its time getting on to the table, giving the defenders time to shift to cover their approach to the objectives.

In the latter half of the game (pics 4-6), the US flank march arrived in force right into the sights of the StuG’s, Panzers, and dug-in Grenadiers. The Sherman 76’s actually did a lot of damage, taking out 3 of the Panzers, and the infantry accounted for several stands of Grenadiers (almost wiping out a platoon) and a StuG. However, he was never able to dig in and had no cover, so even the arrival of the M10 Tank Hunters couldn’t save them, and all US platoons in that section were wiped out/broke and ran.


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