Greeks vs. Gauls

These are a few shots from this week’s Field of Glory game. It was my Lacodamion Spartan army versus my friend’s Gaul army. Technically not ‘true’ to history, but Gaulic tribes did invade Greece from the north on occasion. His army list came from the Rome Triumphant book, about 400 or so years after my Classical Greek list from Immortal Fire.  We’ve played these armies together several times, and it’s always a fun time.

In typical fashion, he lined up his huge battlegroups of medium and heavy Gaulic foot across from my relatively thin Greek hoplite line, seperated by skirmishers and assorted cavalry. After a good amount of manuever and delaying action (and some good shooting on my part) we connected all along the line. My line weathered the impact of all that Gaulic foot, and held. After sustained melee, my Greeks came out ahead, breaking 6 battlegroups. Armored Spear against Protected Swordsmen is a rough fight.

My friend’s Gauls are well-painted. He (like alot of players) uses wood stain to shade his paint jobs on the miniatures. It does a great job of adding detail at 15mm scale. I’ve never gotten into it though. I at most use a thin black wash to shade. The Gauls seen on unfinished bases are because he is converting a fair amount of Medium foot to Heavy foot.

Better pics of my Greeks are in some older posts here.


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