English Longbowmen

Here is a battle group of English Longbows from my in-progress Hundred Years War English army for Field of Glory. I based the army on the one present at Crecy in 1346. Only 18 more stands of Longbows to go…

The central stand represents the lower-rank commanders, such as sergeant, esquires, or other men-at-arms. I painted the archers in a variety of colors, tending toward peasant clothes. This was an army without a uniform, other than the St. George’s Cross scattered around.

The last pic features some of the field fortifications the English used during the war. Stakes, mounds, and hidden pits really messed with the enemy knights, slowing them up for more longbow fire.


2 Responses to “English Longbowmen”

  1. Enjoyed your site, like the men at arms a lot.

    May I ask which figres you used for the English Longbowmen? Im in the planning stages of an English HYW Continental (FoG) army.


    • seantwiddy Says:

      I used Old Glory 15’s. They have a set of English Longbows with 3 variants. All the miniatures in my army are Old Glory.

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