English Men-at-Arms

Here is a grouping of English dismounted Men-at-Arms for my Hundred Years War army for Field of  Glory. I’ve presented views from the right, front, and left, with an extra shot of the second ranks.

The stands represent armored and heavily armored knights, squires, and assorted sergeants and lesser knights in the battle of King Edward III. The heraldry is as accurate as I could get. I’ve found resources that allow me to place the heraldry in the right groups, accompanying the correct lords.

The standard represents John Lord Beauchamp of Warwick, carrying the banner of Edward III. I’m adding banners and command miniatures to each battle group, in order to help differentiate them and to add character to the stands.

2 Responses to “English Men-at-Arms”

  1. calicoengland@yahoo.ca Says:

    Your 100 YW are excellent and inspiring. Great paint job,really good.I am thinking to do something like that,only in Game of Thrones universe.Are those Old Glory’s 15 litlle chaps?

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