The Black Prince’s Battle

Another selection from my Hundred Years War English army for Field of Glory. This grouping includes the battle of Edward of Woodstock, aka the Black Prince. His flag is the flag of his father, Edward III, with the combined arms of England and France, with the white label at the top signifying him as heir-apparent. The Prince himself is not part of the group, and will be featured separately later.

Next to his battle is another grouping of men-at-arms, this time under the St. George’s Cross of England. All the heraldry and colors in both groups are as accurate as I could get, based off sources.

The final picture is a pair of light guns, a little bit of artillery in the medieval army at Crecy.


2 Responses to “The Black Prince’s Battle”

  1. Hey they look great, what brand of figure are you using for the guns etc?

    How do you find fields of glory? I recently purchased a copy but haven’t had time to give it much attention. Haven’t done any ancients or medieval gaming. I have some suitable figures down in the “lead mine” bought on a whim that need to be painted and press ganged into action.

    • seantwiddy Says:

      The guns are Old Glory 15’s, as are all the miniatures in the army (except for the Welsh Spear, which are Essex). I like the FoG rules very much, and they flow much more naturally than alot of historicals i’ve played. I’d recommend it. The only quibble is it works best with contemporary forces, so English/French fights are better than Greeks/Xin fights.

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