Imperial Guard update

A selection of squads from my Imperial Guard army. I’ve posted some of these before, but have since added new models, weapon options, and advisors for the HQ squads.

The Company HQ squad includes the Captain, an Astropath, a Fleet Officer, a Regimental Standard Bearer, a Lascannon weapon team, and a Medic.


3 Responses to “Imperial Guard update”

  1. Alessandro Says:

    Hi! I like very much your imperial guards! There are amazing! Can you please tell me how did you paint them, step by step? Thankyou very much!

    • I would like to know this too!

      • Anopheles Says:

        The basic color scheme of the fatigues is a black undercoat, followed by a mid-dark grey (Fortress Grey/Dawnstone) base coat. Wash the grey with black, then highlight with mix of Fortress Grey and Codex Grey/Administratum Grey, then final highlights with pure Codex Grey. Add an urban camo pattern to the fatigues with dark grey (Vallejo German Grey in this case) irregular ‘tiger stripe’ with scattered black dots on leading tips of the stripes. Armor and gear blacked out, then highlighted on edges with Codex Grey, with metal details in Boltgun/Leadbelcher and Brass (I used Vallejo Brass).

        Skin was several different shades to achieve the various ethnic appearances. Most had a base coat of Scorched Brown/Rhinox Hide over black undercoat. Then I did mixes of browns, tans, and ‘skins’ like Tallarn Flesh/Cadian Fleshtone to get the desired shade.

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