Orc Painting Tutorial

Here’s a step-by-step process of painting up some Orc Boyz from my Orc and Goblin army for Warhammer. I use a mix of paints, from Vallejo and Citadel, as well as some Privateer Press and Adikolor.

Step 1: Cleaning the miniatures. Mold lines removed, tabs cut, parts assembled, etc. I went ahead and glued on the sand for the bases at this stage.

Step 2: Undercoated with black spray primer.

Step 3: Base coating the skin. I used Vallejo Black Green. For miniatures with lots of exposed skin, I usually do the skin first. The left is the base coat, the right is after the first highlight with a mix of Black Green, US Uniform, and Olive Green.

I also washed the sand on the bases black (filling in from the spray coat), then drybrushed it with Graveyard Earth mixed with white. This way I don’t get paint on the finished legs and feet later.

Step 4: Next highlight of the skin. The right has a highlight with mixed US Uniform, Olive Green, and Sunburst Yellow on the knuckles, face, and upper parts of the muscles. In addition, the teeth and fingernails are picked out with black, then Graveyard Earth brown.

Step 5: At this point I start adding the dags, checkers, and lightning bolts that decorate their armor and weapons. The first step is Khaki straight over black. The left Orc has the first highlight of the decoration, with white mixed in with the Khaki.

The teeth and fingernails are highlighted with a mix of Graveyard Earth and white, then a final touch of white. Eyes are picked out with black, then Blood Red, then a dot of Sunburst Yellow.

Step 6: Pics on the right. The dags and such are finished off with a final mix of white. The edges of the decoration are cleaned up with black, and the weapons and armor are blocked with black. After that, the edges of the weapons and armor are highlighted with Codex Grey, then I added Boltgun Metal on the blade edges and spikes, keeping the transition between black and metal rough. The right Orc’s helmet is painted Boltgun Metal. The sword guards are picked out with Vallejo Bronze, highlighted with Boltgun Metal mixed with Bronze.

After that, the metal areas are washed with Brown Ink and Devlan Mud wash to lend a rusty effect and tone them down. A bloodstain was achieved on the upper Orc’s choppa with a splotch of Black Red, which I then wiped off, leaving a stain.

Step 7: Next I started highlighting the clothing. The clothing areas are blocked with black. I then highlighted with a mix of Codex Grey and Fortress Grey on the folds and edges of the black cloth. Miscellaneous items and bits of clothing are based with Scorched Brown.

Step 8: I highlighted the belts, pouches, arm bands, and the loincloths with Bestial Brown and Bubonic Brown. Threads in the cloth are picked out with Iyanden Darksun yellow. The boots are blocked with Leather Brown, highlighted with a mix of Leather Brown and Khaki.

Step 9: Final details. I picked out the belt buckles, jewelry, and bracelets with black, then Vallejo Bronze. I highlighted the random studs in the belts and armor with Boltgun Metal, and the skull armor back plate with a mix of Bronze and Boltgun Metal. Teeth trophies on their belts are painted in the same manner as the teeth in Step 5.


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