Kingdom of Britannia Frigate groups

I’ve begun my Kingdom of Britannia fleet for the new game Dystopian Wars. Steampunk naval combat for now, but promise of more air and land based combat on the horizon. These models are close to 1/166 scale, apparently, and are amazingly small. Despite that, they’re packed with details, even showing bolts along armor plates and little windows on the sides.

I have decided on a dark blue main color, with grey-white dazzle patterning for camouflage on the ships. The frigate groups are differentiated by the specific pattern. One has triangular lines, while the other features lightning bolt lining. The third group (when I get to them) with most likely follow a hashmark design. Red rings on the turret barrels mark out the leaders of the frigate groups.

The rest of the fleet will follow suit with these designs.

The aeroplane squadron is painted in traditional tan, with the RAF symbol on the wings. I painted the bases to look like clouds, though technically they’re modeled on a flight deck.


2 Responses to “Kingdom of Britannia Frigate groups”

  1. Blasted. Looking at these makes me want to buy the Blazing Sun fleet even more. I really like the detail you’ve been able to pick out on the frigates.

    Is the dazzle pattern based on WWII era designs? I was assuming they wouldn’t have had the experience to add patterns like this. Then again I don’t really know enough about the real history or this fictional setting.

    • Anopheles Says:

      Yes, the dazzle is from WWI-II references. The example fleet is shown with dazzle of a sort, so I just ran with it. Dazzle is circa WWI, so it fits, even for fictional 1870.

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