Tomb Kings Skeletons and Liche Priests

Here is a selection from my Tomb Kings Warhammer army. With the new book coming out, I think the army will be viable to play now. Most of the army is finished already, but the new rules free up lots of points, and I’m looking forward to the new units. More to follow.

The Skeletons are heavily converted, with extras like mummy wrappings, loincloths, weapon swaps, and even the remnants of hair braids. These Skeletons come from the Warriors and Archers units.

The Liche Priests represent 3 different miniature lines. The first (from the left) is the basic Liche Priest from the Tomb Kings. The second, the Liche Priestess, is from Mordheim’s Amazon line, with added sword and scroll. The last, the Anubis-headed Priest, comes from War Gods of Aegyptus. Several more miniatures from that game show up in my Tomb Kings army in various units.


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