Imperial Fists Assault!

More from the Imperial Fist Chapter of Space Marines from 40K, currently under work for a client. More gleaming yellow power armor!

These are Assault Terminators armed with lightning claws and Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields, alongside an Ironclad Dreadnought, armed for bunker busting. The Terminators have resin shoulder pads featuring Imperial Fists iconography, while the Dreadnought lacks Chapter symbols. Those will be added by the client at some point. The shields were painted to appear like they were granite or some similar heavy stone.

My method for yellow armor:

1) White spray undercoat (I used Krylon for total smooth coverage).

2) Flash Gitz Yellow (GW) for the base coat.

3) Wash with Druchii Violet wash for shading/toning down the yellow.

4) Highlight with yellow, then yellow /white mix.

5) Joints and major armor plate lines picked out with Black mixed with a little Violet.

6) Yellow washed with Lamentars Yellow to blend highlights together.

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