Republique of France Carrier

More ships from the Republique of France fleet from Dystopian Wars.  First is the Couronne Class Battle Carrier. The model is just huge, covered in guns and rocket batteries. I painted the flight deck the same color as the decking of all the ships in the fleet. The dark brown is a good contrast against the grey white hull (and the dark grey of the camouflage).

The airplanes are painted a deep sea blue, with white markings. They match the bombers I’ve done for the fleet.

The second photo is the Couronne next to a Ecuyer Class Support Cruiser. The Carrier would usually have a squadron of 3 of the Ecuyer to escort it.


2 Responses to “Republique of France Carrier”

  1. Hey nice work in the vauban!! I’ve tried replicating this colour scheme but to no avail ( wrong colours/bad painting skill) was just wondering if you could tell me what colors/techniques you used in painting these? It would be a big help. Again great work thanks.

    • The color scheme was done like this:

      -White base coat, washed with slightly thinned down black paint or ink. The result was a bit messy dark grey, but most importantly, it got into all the crevices and seams of the armor and between rivets.

      -Wet brushed back up to a mix of light grey (Codex Grey or Administratum Grey from GW) mixed with white, using white as final dry brush highlight.

      -Blocked out the areas of the camouflage striping with wavy black lines, then filled in the full areas with German Grey from Vallejo (very dark grey). I tried to leave a very thin black line, as without that, even dark grey and white blur together. Highlighted this with mix of German Grey and midtone grey.

      -Went back in with black to fill in and line all plates and big armor details, in both the white areas and grey camo areas. This also caught places where the wash had been incomplete or the highlighting strayed or filled in.

      -Picked out the deck from the rest of the ship with black, then filled in with a dark brown (Rhinox Hide or such) then highlighted with a mix of dark brown and lighter orange-brown). Pure white stripes on the deck.

      -Time for final small details. Lined and picked out rocket launchers, turrets, radio towers, engine stack, random doors, etc. in black then Boltgun Metal; broadside guns, power relay (?) things on tower, voltage gun on the bow, random pipes, etc. in Tinny Tin (or Tin Bits from GW) with a brown wash to tone the ‘brown’ metal down. Picked out windows with black then turquoise, with the large Fleur-de-le windows getting light blue highlights. Rockets got light grey then white highlight.

      -The planes were just blacked out to separate from the deck and painted Dark Sea Blue from Vallejo, with turquoise canopies and Tin Bitz noses.

      This technique was used for all the ships, from huge carrier to little escorts. Hope that helps!

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