Wolf Scouts

I’ve recently returned to a Space Wolf army for 40K. As often happens (at least to me it seems), I started the army some time ago, and then the client moved on to other things. The army was played with a while, then sold to someone else. The new owner wanted to expand the army, so sought me out to finish it with more stuff. So here we go again…

First up, some Scout Marines. The client wanted the option to field 2 5-man units, or a single 10-man unit, or variations thereof. He built the Scouts in pairs, one with a bolt pistol, and the other with a special weapon, either plasma pistol or power sword. The pairs had the same pose and head, just different weapons (and painted with distinct hair colors and runes to differentiate). One pair carried the special weapons, in the form of meltagun or missile launcher.

The pics are the 5-man groups, with the ‘twins’ swapped. Each has a unique rune on the right shoulder, while the left are all black to match the Great Company color of the rest of the Space Wolves army.


One Response to “Wolf Scouts”

  1. I love space wolves! I just bought a badly painted set of scouts off ebay that I’m looking forward to re-painting. Not that I’m the greatest at painting but these look like they’ve been painted by an Elephant with a paint roller haha.
    Yours look very cool mate

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