CORE: Killer Robots

These are the killer robots of the CORE starter box from Dark Age. None of the factions really grabbed me until the CORE were recently released. Carnivorous monster robots? Yes.

The first robots are the Menial Bots (side and rear views included). Their color scheme is simple, just various shades of corroded and rusted metal, achieved with washes and highlights. Areas of industrial striping and chipped paint show the dilapidated state of the bots.

Next are the Rends. Along with the size, they stand out via their black and brass color scheme. I wanted to draw attention to the industrial saws they carry, as well as pointing to the origin of such devices, with the black and yellow striping.

Last is the Pathfinder, the giant explorer mech. Despite its battered apperance, I wanted to keep the super-tech design evident by the blue glow from the interior mechanism. The same glow is seen in the Rends’ ‘eyespot’ and one of the Menial Bots (the one with the actual ‘face’).


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