For Chaos!


The new Chaos Space Marine Codex means I’m returning to my Death Guard Marines for Warhammer 40,000. Mostly, I’m adding new units, or working on others that were improved by the new book. See the Chaos tag for more pics of the Death Guard.


First, one of my Obliterators. The base model for my Obliterators is the Bauhaus Vulkan Battlesuit from Warzone, with plenty of 40K bits and green stuff, for the appropriate rotten look for a follower of Nurgle. It even started out with the proper spiked Pickelhaube so common with the Death Guard Legion. The color scheme harkens back to the Legion’s original white and green, though muted and stained by time and corruption. I wanted the unit to look positively ancient compared to the rest of the army, who have shades of dull or dark green as their color scheme. I also added an insert shot of his little buddy, a spotty Nurgling.

Next are some of the Chaos Spawn I’ve added. I had acquired a box of Dire Wolves (from Vampire Counts) for some future project (now forgotten with time). I liked the idea of a pack of Spawn, themed to be big vicious wolf monsters. So, the Dire Wolves became the Pox Hounds, Spawn of Nurgle. Each sports its own unique mutations, as befitting creatures of Chaos. First is festooned with arms, claws, and other appendages; the second’s ribs have extended out into spidery limbs; the third is positively bursting with tentacles. In addition, a gaping maw gnashes in its belly. Lots of green stuff, plastic carving, and deep bits box searching.


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