Savage Orcs!

A new addition to my Orcs and Goblins army for Warhammer are this mob of Savage Orcs Boyz. I never used them before, but I had the models. I thought I’d give them a try, at least for variety (and having fought against opponents with Savage Orcs, they were impressive on the table). All the miniatures for the unit are the old 5th edition metal Savage Orcs and Boar Riders. There are only 4 sculpts for the unit (aside from command) so I tried to differentiate them with warpaint, weapon swaps, etc.

The first image is the mob in progress, currently numbering 17 Orcs, with more on the way. I wanted the unit to be a big splash of color in contrast to the rest of the army. I brightened their skin compared to the other Orc units. This along with the white and red warpaint (including skull faces), natural tones on their ‘clothes’, and more emphasis on the faces and hands makes them stand out nicely.

The second image is the Standard Bearer, Musician, Boss, and one of the Big Stabbas. The Boss is especially marked, with the red head and white skull face.

The third image is a selection of the Boyz, showing their variety of warpaint, tattoos, and the odd weapon swap.

The last image is one of the Big Stabbas. The current plastic models for Savage Orcs have a pair of Orcs carrying a giant spear to represent the Big Stabbas in the unit. I instead opted to use a couple Savage Orc Boar Boyz mixed into the unit. They take up the same space as 2 Orcs, break up the repetition of the sculpts, and add a bit more savagery to the unit. You can imagine the unit slamming into a enemy, with the Boar Boyz leading the way, providing those impact hits.


One Response to “Savage Orcs!”

  1. Oooh I really like the ones riding the boars! What little cuties 🙂
    Such a nice paint job! Bet you get a few compliments when you bring these guys out for a game!

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