Black Templars Armored Might!

Another new project for a client…and again, it’s Space Marines for Warhammer 40K. This time around it’s the Black Templars Chapter. I’ve done armies for Black Templars before (check much earlier entries on this blog). These fellows are all Terminators, armed with a mix of weapons. They were the models given to me by the client, so don’t necessarily form legal squads on the table, but we can add more later.

The first picture has a Lightning Claw-armed Marine, and one with a Heavy Flamer. The model had a mix of pieces, so a few Chaos armor plates slipped in (heresy?!). I did my best to underplay the iconography with the paint job, and added a purity seal for extra effect.

The second picture has another Marine with Lightning Claws, and a Marine with standard Storm Bolter and Power Fist. The Lightning Claw Marine was a mash-up of parts, with Chaos body, Loyalist legs, and Space Wolf arms and head. I figure he’s from a more feral planet the Crusade happened to be passing by, and reflects this.

The last is simply a pair of Marines with Thunder Hammers. I kept everyone’s highlight’s subdued, to avoid getting them too grey. i wanted the black to be thorough and dark. The white shoulders and helmets bring nice contrast and break up the otherwise dark overall scheme.


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