Malifaux: Oiran and Gamins


I’ve returned to Malifaux, with more for my long-standing client’s Arcanists gang. More fire and ice units. Both pics have the three miniatures with a second rear view for a better ‘in-the-round’.

First, it’s the Oiran. The geisha-theme is interesting, though I find the detail on the plastics was a bit smooth and shallow. Plus lots of details were far too tiny for my liking. I compensated with bright and contrasting color palettes. One detail I’m happy with is the cherry blossom paintings on the fans of the turquoise Oiran. The yellow and red robe of the right-most is also nice.

Second are some Metal Gamin. They were a much simpler color scheme, with dull metal, a bit of rust, and some internal orange glow.


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