I felt like adding an update. My current work continues, but it’s still under way. So, I raided my minis cabinet for some oldies. Here are some Trollblood Warbeasts (Axer and Impaler respectively)  I painted years ago. I got the Trollbloods starter from Hordes, and tried them out.

The trolls here are an experiment of sorts. I wanted to show their more savage and primal nature, so I tried to avoid showing as much metal as possible. Their armor is all leather and skin, with the only metal shown being studs, fasteners, and spikes. The weapons of course were metal, but otherwise, I just went for brown and tan. There are at least 6 shades of brown, ranging from dark leather for belts, tanned leather for armor, a dull burlap color for bags, and warm brown for clothing . There’s  even a specific shade for the chickens the Impaler is carrying on his belt. I kept the general Trollish blue tone to their skin, but I opted for a duller slate blue instead of the brighter color Privateer usually uses.

Someday I may get around to painting the other Impaler and the warlock from the box.


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