Imperial Fists Honored Heroes


The Imperial Fists army gets the last of its Honor Guard, as well as another Captain.

The first Honor Guard carries the Company Standard. A few transfers, and some freehand scroll work completes it. The motto is Sine Metu, which appropriately means “Without Fear”.

The second has a very dynamic pose, swinging his power sword in a wide arc. This one was built out of Blood Angel and Captain Parts.

The third is a no-nonsense bruiser, with a decorated chest piece and huge power axe.

The Captain is one of the Apocalypse edition Masters of the Chapter. I gave him personal heraldry on his knee involving half scripture, half checker pattern (keeping to the black and white I’ve used for squad icons and honor symbols throughout the army). His cape makes him stand out more, red on the outside with a nicely contrasting black inner lining. I continued the checker pattern on the inside of the cape as a decorative element.


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