Chapter Masters 2

The march of the Imperial Fists Space Marines continues… This time it’s more Company Captains, from the Apocalypse formation.

First is the Master of the Fleet. This is my favorite of the Captain miniatures. I prefer his general level of decoration and affectation, as well as his stern attitude. His hammer is also quite no-nonsense. I kept his colors simple, with a few digressions like the blue gem on his shoulder, and his hammer was simple,  with a solid boltgun color. The scroll on his grieve says ‘Anteus’, a reference to the titan from Greek myth. Son of the Earth goddess, he drew strength from the Earth itself (and was killed by Hercules during one of his trials). Seemed appropriate for a Marine based on Holy Terra.

Second is the Master of Rites. This one is rather elaborate, covered in etching, scroll work,  and detail. I like the sculpt of the cape draped over his arm, and his face has a lot of character (and scars). The client built him without the floating loudspeaker, and swapped out his baton for a proper sword. The word ‘Vis’ on his shoulder scroll means ‘power’ or ‘brute force’.


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