Warhammer 40,000: Halloween Horror 2!

Halloween is near, and that means more ghoulies and ghosts. This time, I continue the skeleton theme, but in a new form…

This is the Interrogator-Chaplain of the Dark Angels Space Marines, bedecked in his skulls, censers, icons, and skulls. He’s certainly a scary individual, especially if he’s charging you with his crozius arcanum swinging for your head. The miniature is from the Dark Vengeance box set (aka Warhammer 40,000 6th ed). I’ve started to work on a Dark Angels army for a client, and he wanted to see what I could produce for him. The Chaplain is a great figure for a beginner box, with tons of detail and lots of little touches. I like the incense pouring from the censers in his backpack.

I kept his colors basic, with mostly black, bone, and red, with lots of gold and bronze. I decided to keep his cape black, in order to not overpower his somber color scheme, and to make the Dark Angels symbol stand out better. The smoke from his backpack was deep grey, washed in purple and highlight back up with white.

The name on the shoulder pad is Amnon, which means ‘faithful’.

More to come.


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