CORE Objectives

These odd things are the objectives I use for my CORE army in Dark Age.

The concept is of a series of random machines, left to rust in the desert. They were designed as a ‘catch-all’ template design, with a metal cylinder containing a specific device. Think something that could be deployed quickly, easily, with a minimum of fuss, and automated to do its job.

In this case, the first image is a power generator/transmitter unit and water reclamation unit. The third objective in the second image has been wrecked, possibly scavenged by animals or humans. A Menial Bot stands by to give a sense of scale. I gave a view from two sides to show off detail. The devices are covered with warning and caution labels, written in English, Arabic, Chinese, and Russian, as well as the caution striping found all over my CORE robots.

The objectives themselves are simply register tape rolls, tape rolls, and odd bits from all over.


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