Infinity: Banzai!

I’ve been building my Japanese Sectorial force for Infinity. I posted some test models earlier.

Here is a Kempeitai, my second in command. I chose the female sculpt, because the pose was more dynamic, and I liked the idea of a force where the majority of its models (and all its leaders) were women. She wears the same colors of bone and deep blue, with the only real accents of color coming from the unit sigils on her shoulders, as well as the LED display on her rifle.

Next is the unit’s Karakuri combat bot. ‘She’ has a variety of roles depending on the mission. The model also allows for a splash of brightness surrounded by the relatively drab uniforms of the rest of the unit. The white was built up from a light grey and successive layers of white and grey.

The list I’m working toward for now is 200 points.

-Domaru Butai Lieutenant w/ Chaingun

-Kempeitai w/ Combi-rifle

-Keisotsu Butai w/ Combi-rifle

-Keisotsu Butai w/ Combi-rifle and Light Grenade Launcher

-Aragato Senkenbutai w/ Spitfire

-Karakuri w/ Combi-rfle


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