Malifaux: Halloween Horror 4!

More scary ghosts for Halloween…

This time it’s from Kirai’s crew from Malifaux. The theme is Japanese ghosts, and they’re quite angry ladies.

Datsue-Ba is the archetypical old hag. I painted her with muted colors, emphasizing her wretchedness with stronger highlights and shading, making her kimono look ratty and filthy. I did the same with her hair.  I added a small blessing on the ground before her, stained with fresh blood.

Ikiryo is the cursed soul of Kirai, so she had to look nice and scary. She has the reverse of Kirai’s color scheme, with a dirty white robe (the color of death) and a purple sash. Her hair is a mass of black, streaked with white. Both Ikiryo and Datsue-ba have similar palid dead skin, the result of washes and highlighting.


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