Chapter Masters 3

I’ve finished the final Captains of the Battle Companies of the Imperial Fists Space Marines.

First is the Master of the Armory. He’s got a straightforward upright stance, looking like he’s on guard. The huge shield and axe give him the attitude of a man not to be trifled with. He also has very little decoration (at least compared to the other captains).

Second is the Master of the Recruits. I like his aggressive stance, looking like he’s leading troops to attack, or just bawling out a random Scout. He’s certainly well distinguished with over 10 purity seals on him and his gear. Imperator!

Third is the Master of Executioners. This guy could have used a more energetic pose, what with being an Assault Company Captain, but it’ll do. He’s certainly the captain with the most bling and decoration on him. Even his jump pack is encrusted with it…

Fourth, a Chaplain. This is the new kit that was recently released. I’m impressed with the detail and sculpting they could get with plastic.

And, next, something completely different: more yellow marines!


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