Eldar Retrospective

I’m digging into some old models here…

Eldar were my first real army for Warhammer 40,000, back in 1st edition. The Laonne-Bann Craftworld did fine in that edition. Their army colors were a deep purple and white, with black as a detail color. Looking back, most of the paint jobs are not good at all, but hey I was still learning. I played them through 2nd ed, and tried my hand in 3rd. I didn’t like the way they played in 3rd edition, especially due to their reliance on Wave Serpeants and Falcons. The army got shelved for years.

Later, I dug the army up for a return to the table. The Guardians got repurposed, and repainted, for use in Stargrunt II, a future skirmish game that allows you to create your own armies and rules. These models are a selection of the repainted units.

The Farseer has been converted a little, with the great helm reminiscent of Dream of the Endless (from the comic The Sandman). I added the “trunk” of vertebrae in Green Stuff, and emphasized his pouch and ruby (more accoutrements of Dream).

The Warlocks share black cloaks, but I allowed plenty of individuality, with helmet, weapon, and detail colors varying.

The Guardians have a lot of variety in their colors, though all follow the general color scheme. I figured the individual details might point to past “lives” of the Guardians, like Aspect Warriors or pilots. The Guardian with the Fusion Gun in particular wears Guardian armor in the style of a Fire Dragon (actually just a 1st edition Fire Dragon model with added back vane).


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