Techmarine and crew

The Imperial Fists army I’ve been working on for a client gain a new specialist, a Techmarine. The client wanted a Techmarine with generic coloring, so he could use it for other Chapters of Space Marines (ones I’ll be getting to eventually). I went for a deep red, with minimal decoration. However, the cog/skull symbol of the Adeptus Mechanicus is picked out in white and black. The pipes were done in a variety of colors, mostly metal, dark green, and black and yellow hazard stripes to break up the red scheme. An insert of the miniatures shows the detail on the scroll hanging on his belt, possibly an ancient blueprint or code printout.

The Servitors were also done in generic colors. Two got dull green coveralls, while the others got red and grey. The bionics were kept dull Boltgun, with black casings on the Heavy Bolters and ammo hoppers. Their skins were painted in a fashion to emphasize their unhealthy nature, with purples and greys mixed in to give them pallor.


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