Marines Triumphant!

Another round of Imperial Fists Space Marines… more specialists and characters. The client wants as many options as he can get.

-Captain, with relic blade and plasma pistol. This brings the total to more than a dozen Captains/Chapter Master models for the Imperial Fists army. Nearly every weapon and gear load-out is represented.

-Company Champion. This guy is pretty basic, with a power sword and Combat Shield/Storm Shield. His toga and horsehair comb give him a nice Roman look, making him stand out.

-Apothecary. This Marine was done in pure white, not the easiest paint job that’s for sure. Red and gold were good contrasts to the very clean power armor.

-Librarian. His blue armor was a wonderful change from the rest of the army. Regal Blue with white/blue highlights kept him dark, with the ubiquitous red toga for accent. I also used more darker ‘yellow’ and ‘brown’ metals like Vallejo’s Tinny Tin and GW’s Gehenna’s Gold with Earthshade Wash to keep his scheme dark. The black shoulder pad with white text was done for generic decoration. The client wanted the option to use the Librarian in his other Marine armies.

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