Dorn’s Sons

I’ve wrapped up the current crop of Imperial Fists Space Marines, only to start a new commissioned army, this time Black Templars Space Marines. More Marines, but at least they’re not yellow. Black and white is such a blessing.

The Chapter Master for the Imperial Fists is a pile of gaudy armor, with tons of decoration, honors, and antique wargear. His chainsword was done to look ancient, with a bronze case, gold embellishment, and silver teeth. His shield was made to resemble the marble effect that also shows up in the Terminators and their Lightning Shields. I gave him the horse hair comb on his helmet with red and black striping. The banner was pretty simple (mostly due to space).

The Black Templars are basic black and white. The right shoulder has the Maltese Cross, and the left scripture, slogans, and random honor symbols. Additional text shows up on kneepads or on flat areas of armor. These Marines come from 2nd Tactical Squad, designated by the II on their right knee pads. The models were built with a mix of standard Marine bits, with added Templar-specific bits, such as the chained weapons and armor plates.

I marked out the Sergeant with a tabard and black left shoulder (with white text).


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