Dark Elves army scheme test

I’ve been commissioned to work on a Dark Elf army. The client wants the army to follow the colors and skin tone of the Drow of D&D. Suffice to say, true black skin is a rough go, especially with an already darker color scheme.

This Bolt Thrower crewman is a test of a color scheme I’m pondering. Golden yellow and deep purple for the main colors, with gold and turquoise as contrasts. The golden yellow was achieved with a wash of Druchii Violet to tone it down and create strong shading. The armor is Boltgun, washed with Nuln Oil to dull it, then highlighted on the edges with silver. It gives a nice decadent, wealthy effect, but maintains a murky evil look (or that’s the plan).

The skin was created with a black basecoat, then highlighted with a mix of black, light grey, and Foundation Hormagaunt Purple. I kept the highlights to a minimal, preserving the dark shades in the recesses. I made the eyes white with red irises (just barely visible peaking out from the helmet).


Edit: The Dark Elves project has been shelved for now. Instead, working on Gatormen for Hordes! Stay tuned.


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