Eternal Crusade

We begin the big push on the new Black Templars Space marines for 40K. Lots of black and white, punctuated by purity seals and gold decoration.

Here are a selection from the 1st and 2nd Tactical Squads, alongside the Sergeant of the 1st Tactical Squad. As noted in my previous post, the Templar bits got spread around, with the odd chained weapon, helmet, purity seal, etc. to spice them up without it going overboard. The Sergeant gets more of a Templar treatment, with the tabard, chained powerfist, purity sea, and relic helmet.  The right shoulder has the Chapter symbol, the left has litanies, mottoes, and other inspirational text. I intended that the Templar cross and text looked like the Marine himself had decorated his own armor, giving it that little personalization effect.

For squad markings, the white kneepad with Roman numeral suffices. On the members with Mark 6 armor legs (thus lacking an actual knee pad), I reached back to old Rogue Trader-era decoration for a simple white circle on the top of the greave.


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