CORE Advanced Operating Units (Characters)

My CORE force of killer robots for Dark Age gets some reinforcements!

This time it’s the Nexus and Centurion. Both models being characters meant I could lavish more detail and effort into them to make them stand out from the rest of the rusty ‘bots of the army.

The Centurion has the look of a machine that once carried a fine corporate off-white/eggshell color scheme. Being an advanced bodyguard, I imagine it spent alot of time around executives and factory heads, so had to generate the proper amount of menace, but also be unobtrusive when not needed. Think of an attack couch or something.

The former gleaming white of the carapace has chipped and faded with time and weather. Metal armor plates have corroded and rusted, the chrome worn away. The whole model was drybrushed in Boltgun, with several washes of black, brown, and sepia to dull it. Then I painted speckles of various tans, off-whites, and pure white over the plates, along with more washes to dull those. Finally, Boltgun mixed with silver picked out the edges of bare metal plates. The shield bears the remains of some sort of corporate decoration with the chipped red and white. The crystals are a vibrant blue to really add contrasting color and energy to the overall scheme, in addition to reinforcing the light blue glow of the robot’s internal mechanism (found throughout the army).

An insert shows more detail of the armored ‘face’ of the robot.

The Nexus was painted to look ancient. Whatever its original color, decades (centuries?) of wandering the desert have reduced it to a mix of various dull tans, browns, and yellows. The base coat process was the same as the Centurion. The screen on its staff is just a bit of broadcast snow and static. It gives the model a nice spot of bright color, mirroring the crystals on the Centurion.

Both models’ footprints extend out beyond the normal base, so I had to build up some footing for them. The concrete paving was built out of balsa wood decoration plaques, cut to size and appropriately chipped. Spaces between were filled with sand and little stones. Static grass finished them off.


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