In a previous post I was doing test-paints for a Dark Elf army. As it turns out, the client decided to have me paint another army, in this case Gatormen for Hordes. These two fellows are some of my test paint schemes for the force.

First, a Gatorman. We decided to go for a naturalistic scheme, basing it off a normal alligator, so a duller green with yellow-orange underbelly. I even gave him a gator’s pale yellow tongue. His spear was painted to look like bronze, continuing the primitive look for him.

Second, a Bog Trog. I wanted something more interesting than the standard scheme of pale yellows and browns. Instead I went for a more fish-like pale blue-green, with white highlights on the fins and vanes. Claws and teeth are a warm bone color to contrast.

Both have a swamp base, with a mix of flock colors, and small sections of water painted in to the base.


One Response to “Gators!”

  1. Excellent colour scheme resulting in a very realistic result. I also like the swamp bases. they are a perfect match for these beautiful miniatures!

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