Klingon Attack!

With Star Trek Attack Wing catching on big in my area, I decided to get involved. I opted for a Klingon fleet, since I wanted a no-nonsense, brutal play style, but still allow for the proper cold cunning Klingons are known for.

The models of course come prepainted… which is why I repainted them. The V’orcha in particular has a garish lime-green/aqua color scheme, while the K’t’inga looked like green rock candy. So on with the paint. The Internet was invaluable for reference pics, descriptions, even schematics.

The K’t’inga Class ship was painted in a light grey, washed with black and then highlighted with light grey, picking out the plating detail. I added window details all over, as well as painting in some extra details where they weren’t sculpted on the model. I had to paint in the distinctive photon torpedo tube under the nose. Some of the deflector plates were picked out in a dull green for contrast.

The V’orcha Class ship was a better sculpt overall, but still needed some work. Lots of small details added in with painted, and plenty of windows and running lights. It has a deep green seen in the movies and series associated with Klingons. I picked out the nacelles with red, painting in suggestions of detail where the sculpt was lacking.

More to come as reinforcements arrive.


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