Sigismund’s Crusaders

The Eternal Crusade continues with more Black Templar Space Marines.

These Marines are from a Crusader Squad (X on Red knee pad). Armed for close combat, they present a nice meatgrinder unit. Like the Tactical Squads from before, they have a mix of standard Marine parts mixed with Black Templar bits. I also added a few armor pieces and weapons from the Sternguard Veteran set.

Alongside the Initiates come Neophytes, or Scouts in other Chapters. They have black right shoulders displaying the squad insignia. The grey fatigues and bare heads give a bit more variety to the largely undifferentiated mob of the army. It’s interesting how the metal Neophytes (with swords and pistols) stand out from the plastic ones with shotguns.

A Sword Brother and Initiate with a power sword rounds out the unit, giving it a little more punch. The Sword Brother has red-rimmed shoulders and red Templar crosses, as well as a blood red cape to further mark him out. He is a standard Finecast model, but I had to remove the chainsword arm and replace it with a plastic power fist. The resin certainly made this easier than pewter, and the resin shows detail nicely. I’ve had very good luck with Finecast it seems…


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