Iron Hands

A slight diversion from the Black Templars this time: Horus Heresy-era Iron Hands Space Marines. These Forgeworld Marines in Mk III power armor are part of a standard Tactical squad, more of which are in my future. These are for the same client as the Imperial Fists army.

The armor is a dull charcoal black, a definite contrast to the Black Templars’ slick jet black. This was achieved by using thinned craft paint, since it dries very matte compared to GW’s Abaddon Black. With just a mid-dark grey as a highlight, it gets the ‘industrial’ effect I wanted.

Boltgun (dulled by some Nuln Oil wash) on armor edges, cables, rivets, and the ubiquitous bionics further darkens the color scheme. Other than white for iconography and bolter casings, the Marines are very low-key. Even the sergeant’s face is a chalky pallid flesh tone, almost matching the servo-skulls floating above his icon. The only other colors are red for eye pieces and bionic eyes and golden yellow for the nuncio-vox officer’s auspex.


One Response to “Iron Hands”

  1. I really liked the pale face on the sergeant. I plan to use a similar color scheme for my Black Legion CSM.

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