Templar Scouts


More Black Templars!

This time, we have members of a Scout Squad. These (ahem) Neophytes are not members of a Crusader Squad, but form their own unit this time around.

First is the Initiate Sergeant, with a pair of Neophytes. Not much to note here, other than the Sergeant’s extra purity seal (have to make him Templar enough), as well as the variety of skin tones I’ve gone for the members of the squad. Since the Templars recruit from several planets (being space-based) they’ll draw from all sorts of populations.

The second pic is of some of the special weapons for the squad. A missile launcher gives them some anti-armor punch, and the sniper rifles pick off the enemy specialists (well that’s the plan). The snipers’ cloaks use a simple grey (matching the fatigues) with an irregular triangle pattern of dots for the camouflage scheme. Anything too flashy just wouldn’t be Templar!

The squad’s symbol is a stylized half-moon, with a black half inside a white circle, seen on the missile launcher Neophyte’s right shoulder.


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