Stealth and Honor

A few more troops join my Japanese force for Infinity.

First, a Raiden Seibutai, master of ambush and blasting things with a honkin’ big machine gun. His colors are the same as the rest of the force, with bone armor and dark blue hakama. His helmet was already skull-like, so a little death’s head decoration finished him off.

Next, a Ninja. Simple dark blue color scheme, broken up by black and white. I love the pose; it’s very dynamic and active.

Finally, a Tokusetsu Butai, one the army’s engineers and general fix-its. He also has a scheme matching the army, but the addition of the helmet and gas mask give him a distinctive look. He’s also loaded down by bags and satchels.


One Response to “Stealth and Honor”

  1. […] I quibbled over the color scheme for a while. I didn’t want to do the bright orange that is the default, so I was thinking some form of urban camo. My IG for 40K are in urban camouflage, and I’ve done clients’ armies in various modern city camo. However, I decided in the end to replicate the color scheme that I used for my JSA for Infinity . […]

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