Anglo-Saxon Thegns

The Anglo-Saxons arrive! I’ve been working on my own army for Saga, the Dark Age skirmish game. This warband will cover Anglo-Saxons as well as Anglo-Danish.

These Thegns (‘thanes’) are the core of the army’s warriors, armed with a mixture of spear, sword, and axe. These warriors are spearmen, but more will follow. The miniatures are Wargames Factory’s Saxon Thegns, from their Hammer of the Gods line.

I had fun researching shield designs and clothing for the army. I knew the people of Medieval Europe wore more than the stereotypical ‘brown with brown brown’, but still I was impressed with the variety of color pallets to choose from. I’ll probably keep the variety a little short, just to avoid the warband looking too fractured and garish.

The pic shows the first few I’ve finished, with a couple different views to show them off.


2 Responses to “Anglo-Saxon Thegns”

  1. They turned out very nicely. Your choosen colours really give them some variety and reflect well what scholars assume they had available in terms of pigments. I also like the way you present front and back of the miniatures in one picture.

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