Dorn’s Chariot

The Black Templar Space Marines get the addition of a humble Rhino. This tank is the old Rogue Trader-era Mark I. The client will also have some of the current Rhinos in his army. He wanted the army to have a Crusading feel, so they field relics and old battle-worn vehicles as icons of the Emperor.

To that end, I added some iconography and litanies all over the flat surfaces and Templar crosses at the doorways and front. I added plenty of battle damage and wear around the edges to highlight the tank’s ancient status, as well as corrosion and rust on exposed metal. This Rhino has been ferrying its Marines to battle for millennia.I tried to strike a balance between some battle damage and wear and tear, and the religious devotion the tank would accrue from the Marines (and tech-priests).

The tank’s number system is like the Marines; a Roman II for Rhino number, and an extra skull icon for valorous service.


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