Anglo-Saxon Thegns Reinforcements

I’ve been working on more Anglo-Saxons warriors for my SAGA army. These thegns are more of the basic troops, armed with swords and spears. I reused most of the colors from the previous group, adding a few more here and there.

I added a standard bearer for variety, and maybe for use in-game. The dragon standard gives the army a nice focal point. I’ll probably add another to the army.

My current plans for the Anglo-Saxon warband are:


32 Warriors w/ spears, swords, axes, etc.

12 Peasants w/ spears

12 Peasants w/ bows

One Response to “Anglo-Saxon Thegns Reinforcements”

  1. Your Anglo-Saxons look great – especially the shields. And they are even more impressive in person – fantastic work!

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